Selling on Etsy: How To Get Started in 10 Days

How To Sell on Etsy: Step Guide for Beginners

It’s easy to get started. To promote a product, you’ll need an idea. Once you are ready to promote your product or idea, you will need an Etsy account. You’ll need to specify your shop’s location as well as the currency you will accept.

Etsy is free for newbies. There are no fees and no overhead costs such as rent or utilities. It’s less risky to test out new ideas and find a market for them. Most Etsy fees are only applicable to the items you sell. Etsy’s large standing means that you can drive millions of potential customers directly to your website.


What is the cost of selling on Etsy?

Etsy charges a 20 cent listing fee that covers the item for four month. There is a 6.5% transaction charge and a payment processing fee (3% plus 25cs) for sales.

Etsy Selling Guide

Before you start, you need to understand Etsy’s workings and the time commitment required to succeed. This is what you should do in order to open an Etsy store.

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1. Do your research and start planning

Before you sell on Etsy, there are many things to know about Etsy. This includes information about the most popular items as well as the costs of selling on Etsy. You must sell handmade, vintage, or craft supplies.

Some of the most successful Etsy shops have thought outside the box and offer digital files. Find out how to choose what to sell on Etsy.


Decide what to sell

Maybe you have a special talent for making decorative pillows. Look at the products that are being sold in this category to see what you could offer. Are you able to offer alternate sizes, shapes and fabrics? Can you provide personalization? You can personalize the product.

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Find out the prices of your competition’s pillows. This information will be helpful when you decide on your pricing structure. This is the time to decide if your pillows can be sold at the current rate and make a profit. While it may seem tempting to discount all your competitors, you should consider the labor and materials costs of making pillows. You also need to account for Etsy fees when pricing. You could end up in a bind before you even get started. Rethink your Etsy shop if you don’t think you can make any money.

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Find out what Etsy charges

Although the company does not charge any monthly or user fees, there are three costs associated with selling on Etsy.

  • Listing an item for 4 months costs 20c.
  • Once the item is sold, you’ll be charged a 6.5% transaction fee.
  • A payment processing fee equal to 3% of the sale plus 25 cents is charged. The transaction is done on a secure platform.

Etsy Plus is also available. You can get help in standing out from the crowd by using advertising credits, advanced shop customization, and other tools. It costs $10 per month. As your shop grows, this could be an option.


2. Set Up Your Etsy Account

It’s easy to set up your Etsy Account once you are ready to make the leap. Follow the prompts to register with your Google account or Facebook account. It’s much easier than creating a website. Etsy makes it easy to sell, and you don’t have to be tech-savvy.

The hard work begins.

Name your shop

The Etsy Sellers Handbook suggests that you choose a shop name, no more than 20 characters long, that describes your products, stirs emotions in buyers, or is unique enough to allow potential buyers to find it again easily when they are ready to buy. After you have chosen your name, research the rights of others to it. Look for Etsy sellers or websites that have the same name as you (or one similar).

Make a logo

After you have confirmed that your Etsy shop name is unique, you can create a logo. This can be done online using Canva or Fiverr.


3. Take photos of your inventory

Your throw pillows have probably been made for many months, with the intention of opening an Etsy shop. You’re proud of your beautiful collection and want to share it on Etsy.

However, you must ensure that potential buyers see your pillows exactly the same way as you do. Your photographs are the first step. Before you begin taking photos of your items, Etsy offers a comprehensive guide for photos. Etsy suggests photo styling. This involves using models, props or other backgrounds. If you have pillows that are coordinating with a sofa or chair, they will look better than if they are propped up on the kitchen counter.

A neutral background is best if you are selling a painting. Etsy suggests a simple background with a gray or white color that is uncluttered and clear so the buyer can concentrate on your artwork.

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A big mistake you can avoid when selling on Etsy is poor photography. Poor photography. Poor photography can make your product look less appealing than photos that are better lit and composed.


4. Make eye-catching listings

Written words can also help you sell your product. A title should include keywords that buyers might use to search for the item. Your product’s key attributes should be included at the start of your title.

According to the Etsy Sellers Handbook, “Your title should make it simple for shoppers to see what you’re selling” and “What makes your item unique?” When they look at search results, the first few words in your title are what shoppers see. Make sure that you use this space to describe your item. While it is important to use keywords and phrases in your title, you should keep them short and simple.

Your description should accurately describe your product. It should include details like its size, material used and why it is unique. Make sure you describe your product clearly to attract the right audience. To attract the right customers, you might change the title of your product to say something other than “throw pillows”. Important variables like shipping rates and options should be clearly communicated.

Study other shops that have been successful if you want to sell on Etsy. You can learn a lot from looking at what other sellers do to reach buyers, regardless of whether it is a competitor or something completely different.


5. Do not neglect your social media accounts

It is important to remember the power of Facebook, Twitter , Instagram, and Pinterest. Etsy allows you to easily link your listings with your social media followers.

You can actually create six different types of posts through Etsy to share on social media. These are:

  • Your five-star reviews
  • The most recent listings up to 25
  • Upcoming sales and coupon events
  • Items you’ve favorited
  • Milestones that you have reached, like the anniversary of your shop
  • Information about your shop

You can easily post these to your social media by clicking on “Shop Manager” in your Etsy account and then clicking “Social Media.” Next, create your post and add images and captions. Finally, choose the platforms to which you want your posts to be posted.

Posting regularly is key to your success. Set a schedule so you don’t forget. You should vary the posts that you share to ensure your followers don’t get bombarded with “buy, purchase, buy” messages. You can share photos of your work in progress and creative process. To keep the conversation going, make sure you respond to any comments made by your followers. It takes time to build an audience. Consistency is important. Even if you have only a few followers, keeping them updated will ensure that your Etsy shop is regularly seen and the products it sells are well-known.

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6. Provide Top-Notch Customer Service

While you can’t compete in all aspects with major retailers, you can beat them if your service is exceptional. If you want your Etsy shop to succeed, it is important to communicate with customers. Because Etsy products are handmade, potential buyers might wish to personalize an order. They will contact you to ask. You might post a listing for a throw cushion in red buffalo check, but a customer wants navy blue checks. A customer may be more inclined to purchase from you if it can be shipped the same day.

Customers will notice that you care about Etsy by responding quickly, regardless of whether you can fulfill an ordered. A five-star rating is a sign that you are serious about your Etsy business. It will show other customers that you can fulfill your promises and satisfy buyers by praising them.

No matter the circumstance, you must offer fast shipping options to your customers. Although Etsy might offer standard shipping times for your items, shipping your items quickly is a great way impress and retain customers.


7. Give Your Time to Grow Your Etsy Shop

It can be difficult to run an Etsy shop. You don’t have a boss or supervisor to remind you to work. To grow your followers and increase sales in your store, you’ll need to be disciplined and committed to work.

Sellers on Etsy recommend that you do something each day to reach your goals. This could mean making the items, taking photos and then adding the listing the third day. Etsy requires a lot of time and effort. As with any business, success is dependent on how much time you are willing to invest in making smart decisions, increasing production, promoting products via social media, and planning for the future.


It takes time and effort to learn how to sell on Etsy. But if you are willing to work hard, you might reap the benefits. Do your research about what you want to sell before you start. Find ways to be different and stand out from the 7.7million Etsy sellers. Once you have a plan and an idea, it is time to start putting effort into your Etsy shop every day to make it a success. It should be easy if you love what your doing.

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