Software Engineer Salary in USA for Freshers per month

Are you looking to become an app developer or software engineer? Do you want to understand what programming languages can impact the potential earnings and salary as an app developer?

Based on the volume of job listings from the top websites for job searching, top programming languages used for software and app creation are Python, Java, C++ along with PHP — and full-stack developers are proficient of several languages.

Which developer or software engineering job is best for you to make the highest amount of money? In accordance with the information in our 2022 Technology Salary Guide Here are the top six most lucrative software engineer and developer positions and the salaries.


Software Engineer / Developer Salaries by Programming Language

Position Low High
Python Software Engineer $100,000 $200,000
Java Developer $95,000 $200,000
Full-Stack Developer $90,000 $180,000
C++ Software Engineer $85,000 $170,000
.NET Developer $85,000 $165,000
PHP Developer $85,000 $140,000





The level of experience you have in your area plays a significant factor in determining the that you will be offered. A person with more experience is hired for higher-level jobs that pay higher. Thus, there is an imbalance in the software engineer’s salary within the USA for experienced and new software engineers.

According to PayScale the median total compensation for different roles depending on experience is as the following:

  • Entry-level (less than one year of experience) to $77,567
  • Beginning of professional (1-4 year of work experience) $85 – $95,945
  • Mid-career (5-9 Years of Experience) – – $97,449
  • Later in career (10-19 Years of Experience) $107,842
  • Professional (20plus years of working experience) – – $116,413
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Full-Stack Software Engineer / Developer Salary

Software engineers and developers who are full-stack make an average salary between $90,000 to $180,000.

Full stack software developers are highly sought-after because they are proficient of several programming languages, and are able to create dynamic complete web applications.

If you’re interested in becoming an expert in full-stack software engineering Concentrate on learning popular programming languages like Python, Java, C++ and PHP.

When should businesses engage a Full-Stack developer?

Businesses should think about hiring a full-stack developer at the development phase of a product.

A full-stack developer is able to create an idea and convert into a functional prototype in a short time using the programming language is best for the requirements of the specific product and its user.

Python Software Engineer / Developer Salary

Python software developers and engineers make an average wage of $100,000-$200,000.

Python Software engineers are highly sought-after because Python is a flexible programming language that can be utilized to create a variety of applications, ranging from simple scripts to more complex Machine Learning algorithms.

When should businesses engage the services of a Python Developer?

Employers should consider hiring an Python developer in the event that they’re looking to use or leverage AI.

Because Python is a language widely used in the fields of machine learning and data science, Python developers can be highly useful to hire when a business wants to get started using these tools.

Java Developer / Software Engineer Salary

Java Developers and Software Engineers have a salary range of $95,000 to $200,000.

Java Developers are a popular option for many businesses because Java is a flexible and reliable platform-independent programming language that is able to be used to create many different applications. This makes it the most used programming language.

What is the best time to employ Java Developers?

Employers should think about hiring Java developers in case they require to develop back-end applications. This could be Android development as well as mobile or desktop computing and games.

PHP Developer / Software Engineer Salary

PHP Developers and Software Engineers have a salary range of $85,000 to $140,000.

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PHP Developers can be involved in a broad range of projects because PHP is a well-known scripting language that allows for the creation of fluid web pages.

Platforms such as WordPress are PHP-based, enabling their capabilities for managing content.

What is the best time to employ PHP Developers?

It is recommended that companies hire an PHP Developer if they plan to scale or build blogs, creating an LMS system, or launching an online store.

.NET Developer Salary

.NET Developers make an average wage of $85,000-165,000.

.NET is an open source, cross-platform platform that lets developers to create games, websites desktop applications and much more.

.NET Developers are still an option that is popular due to the framework’s capability to work across different platforms.

When should businesses engage the services of a .NET developer?

Businesses should think about the hiring of a .NET Developer if they require multi-platform development, scalable business solutions, or are employing Microsoft technologies.

C++ Software Engineer / Developer Salary

C++ Software Engineers and developers earn a pay range of $85,000 to $170,000.

C++ Software Engineers utilize this highly efficient, high-performance programming language mostly in the creation of games and gaming engines. C++ is also employed in the development of driver drivers, desktop applications as well as client-server programs.

What is the best time for companies to engage an C+ Software Engineer?

Businesses should think about hiring an C++ Software Engineer in the event that they require to create common operating systems and high-performance software or games.

C++ is also widely used for the creation of banking applications, web browsers, and data management software.


Certain states within the USA are famous as IT hubs. The majority of the largest IT firms worldwide are based on these shores, which results in higher job prospects. Working in a place that has a higher cost of living can generally mean an increased pay. Based on’s research, these are the most lucrative city within the USA:

  • Seattle, WA – $121,499
  • San Jose, CA – $119,105
  • San Francisco, CA – $139,120
  • Chicago, IL – $121,302
  • New York, NY – $124,369
  • Houston, TX – $116,775
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Highest Paying Roles in Software Engineering in USA

With the numerous degrees and specializations specifically geared to specific fields and degree, the possibilities in the field of software engineering are abounding. According to The following jobs are those that pay an average salary:

  • Web developer – $7,064 per year
  • Systems administrator – $79,306 annually
  • Designer of user interfaces – $88,581 annually
  • Application developer – $87.059 per year
  • Administrator of databases – $94,983 per annum
  • Software developer – $106,231 per year
  • Front-end developer – $16,874 per year
  • Full-stack developer – $18,109 per year
  • Operations and development engineer – $122,086 per annum
  • The developer behind the Backend – – $122,461 per annum
  • Software architect : $135,489 per annum

Top Recruiters for Software Engineers in US

The IT giants of the world that are based on the USA are among the best in their field. The secret to becoming an one of the best firms is to hire the best individuals. To ensure that skilled professionals are hired into their services, these companies provide excellent salary packages and numerous benefits. The top 7 recruiters that offer the best pay for Software Engineers in the US are:


  • Average Base Salary: $180,000
  • Other Benefits include stock options, and the possibility of a substantial benefits package


  • Average Base Salary: $75,000
  • Additional Benefits: Contracts with incentives and an opportunity to purchase stock options


  • Average Base Salary: $125,675
  • Additional Benefits: Negligible


  • Average Base Salary: $110,000
  • Additional Benefits: Excellent benefits package


  • Average Base Salary: $90,000
  • Other Benefits: Average benefit and incentives


  • Average Base Salary: $115,000
  • Additional Benefits: Benefits are low and potential


  • Average Base Salary: $150,000
  • Additional Benefits: Huge potential for growth

Benefits of Being a Software Engineer in the USA

In addition to the lucrative salaries as well as the high pay, employers in the USA offer various advantages to software engineers, such as:

  • Options to purchase stocks
  • Visa sponsorship
  • Referral program
  • Help with the commuter
  • Food is provided
  • Assistance for relocation
  • Gym membership
  • 401(k)
  • Health savings account
  • Health insurance
  • 401(k) matching
  • Vision insurance


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